Short-courses and Tutorials

Monte Carlo Methods and Stochastic Volatility

Dipartimento di Scienze delle Decisioni
Universita Bocconi, Milano
November 23rd to 27th 2009

Course material: PDF FILE WITH 224 SLIDES

Course schedule

Class Day Date Time Room Topic
1st Monday Nov 23 16.30-18.00 N1-7 velodromo Normal dynamic linear models
2nd Tuesday Nov 24 10.30-12.00 SDA 01 via Bocconi Nonnormal, nonlinear dynamic models
3rd Tuesday Nov 24 16.30-18.00 N17 velodromo Stochastic volatility models
4th Wednesday Nov 25 10.30-12.00 4-C via Sarfatti More on SV models
5th Thursday Nov 26 10.30-12.00 4-1 via Sarfatti Sequential Monte Carlo methods
SEMINAR Nov 26 16.30-18.00 Particle Learning for General Mixtures (talk slides)
6th Friday Nov 27 10.30-11.50 N1-2 velodromo Particle learning (PL)
7th Friday Nov 27 12.10-13.30 N1-2 velodromo More on PL


R code

Dynamic linear models: dlm.R – lineargrowthmodel.R – dlm-ffbs.R

Non-linear dynamic model: nonlineardynamicmodel.R

Stochastic volatility model: sv-ar1.R

SISR filter: dlm-smc.R – bootstrapfilter-stepbystep.R – bootstrapfilter-inclassBocconi.R

Particle smoother: dlm-smc-smoothing.R

LW filter: dlm-smc-learningsig2-LW.R – nonlinearmodel-LW.R – sv-LW.R

PL: dlm-smc-learningsig2-PL.R

LW, LWFA, APFSS an PL: lw-lwfa-apfss-pl.R

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