Bayesian econometrics

General linear and hierarchical models

General linear models models

· Hetekoskedasticity example

· Student-t errors example

· Autoregressive errors example

Seemingly Unrelated Regression (SUR) Model ( R code for Grunfeld’s data (Zellner, 971) + (Grunfeld’s data)

Hierarchical linear models

Linear regression, general covariance and SUR

· Linear regression with general covariance matrix (Koop, chapter 6)

  • o Heteroskedasticity of known form (Koop, section 6.3)
  • o Student’s t errors (Koop, section 6.4)
  • o Autocorrelated errors (Koop, section 6.5)

· Seemingly unrelated regression (Koop, section 6.6 and Zellner, section 8.5)

Hierarchical models/panel data

· Pooled model

· Individual effects with (i) non-hierarchical and (ii) hierarchical priors

· Random coefficients model

· Koop, chapter 7, and Lancaster, section 7.3

· Example: cost of airline companies (R code and dataset)

· WinBUGS and R2WinBUGS

A few additional references

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